4 Tips for Filling Out Your Profile on a Dating App

4 Tips for Filling Out Your Profile on a Dating App

First impressions matter. Well, there are times they do and times they don’t. Your online dating profile is one of those times they do. Any interested party needs to look at it only once and feel compelled for more. If this is not true, then don’t be surprised if you are not getting any hits. To help you with this critical issue, here are four tips.

#1 Briefly Identify Yourself

Each online dating profile says something about the one behind it, even if they have only filled the basics like name or age.

To introduce yourself effectively, begin with highlighting some of your best qualities and interests. Pick at least three qualities, five maximum, and do the same when sharing your interests.

For example, I am a funny, outgoing, and colorful lady, who can’t resist a walk in the park on a Friday evening. I love to paint and draw both professionally and as a hobby, and when I feel I need a break from that, a visit to a museum, an art gallery, or the movies is a good alternative. Something like that.

#2 Proof of Existence

A photo of yourself is perhaps the most important thing on your dating profile. Most people will consider it if you only posted your photo and left out other details, but few will look at it if you filled out all the other details but left the photo.

It’s online dating and people are cautious about catfishing, scammers, and frauds. A solid photo is one of the proofs that you are none of these characters.

A good photo for your online dating profile

Clearly shows your face – without glasses, hats, excess makeup, or anything to give people a false impression of how you really look like
Only depicts you – without family or friends, albeit a pet is okay. It may be a plus for other pet lovers.

#3 You Attract More with Honey Not Vinegar

Avoid negativity, hostility, being a jerk, or coming off as anything like that.

Fill out every field with as much positivity as possible and avoid sarcasm. Give people a chance to get to know you first; then they’ll appreciate that sarcastic aspect of you more.

If you don’t like those who are overweight, rather than indicating that you prefer someone within a certain weight limit, indicate that you “prefer someone with an active lifestyle and who values their health”. Most will understand. Being too specific about some things will not paint a good picture of you.

Just remember, be kind – it’s always the best approach.

#4 Show that you care

Spell check and proofread what you’ve written. If you say you care and are attentive to details but your profile is filled with typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, people will go with your actions and neglect your words.

When talking about hobbies and interests, say something about what you are doing lately. A photo depicting you in action is credible evidence that you are who you say you are and those interested will respond in kind.

Be diligent in creating your online dating profile. It’ll give a clear impression of you and it’ll be easier for prospects to go through.