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    With apps for both ios and android, it might be convenient for you to get connected with other singles. You can check messages, your profile visitors, who liked you, your possible matches as well as most recent activities from other members. There are add-on features that can better suit your needs which needs an extra fee. You can check the following reviews for the cost and feature details to decide on which version you would like to choose.

    Compare Memberhip Prices on Okcouid App and Okcupid.com

    App A-List Basic App A-List Premium Site A-List Basic Site A-List Premium
    1 Month $19.99/m $34.99/m $19.95/m $34.90/m
    3 Months $14.99/m $29.99/m $14.95/m $29.90/m
    6 Months $9.99/m $26.66/m $9.95/m $24.90/m

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    There are many ways of finding a date. However, there are those of us that are introverts or do not have the guts' to ask someone out on a date. In addition, there is a certain type of people who find sitting in a bar and waiting for someone to offer them a drink pretty demeaning. Al such limits, when online dating sites becomes almost the only available option, consider okcupid.com.

    Okcupid.com is arguably the highest rated dating site on earth, and it has the figures to support its case. It's the only dating site that finds matches for you, with what you care as the top priority. One of its own kinds, okcupid.com uses math to get you dates. Yeah...that's right. Math!

    Match Making System

    Okcupid.com asks series of very simple and fun to answer questions, most of which are answered by a simple yes or no. Then they use a math based matching system of formulas, algorithms, heuristics and lots of crazy math stuff to connect people faster. Depending on how the questions are answered, compatibility between a pair of members is ranked by percentage match, and incompatibility by percentage enemy.

    The questions cover several topics like lifestyles, religion, sex, ethics and dating among others in a bid to find some similar qualities between you and your pair. A high accuracy rate of finding a match is guaranteed as long as you are honest.

    Staff Blog

    The most outstanding feature for the Okcupid is the staff blog. The blog posts examine their huge customer base and also give remarkably useful information for how you can boost your chances at online dating sites. Not long ago, they even commenced offering a service known as MyBestFace , which examines the photos you have uploaded and notifies you which one will attract the highest responses.

    Types of Questions

    Okcupid.com puts particular emphasis on participation and interaction. This is why members create the questions which are really fun to answer. Matches are consequently identified from how you respond these questions. Each question composes four parts: The questions, the kind of answer you are willing to accept from your match, an indication of how important the answer of the question is important to you, and an explanation for your answer (which is optional). Okcupid.com gets smarter in identifying matches for you by every single question you answer.

    Moreover, tests such as The Personality Defect test', The Nerd? Geek? Or Dork test', The 3 Variable Funny test', The Lover Style Profile test' and 'The sexuality Spectrum Test' among many others increase the fun in getting to know your match better, while not affecting your match percentages in the site.


    You've been continuously bragging to your pals that you have that "special charm" and you don't need dating sites to get you a date. Then after signing in into one, unfortunately, they happen to see you and then it starts to get all embarrassing. It doesn't have to be that way. It will not be that way with okcupid.com.

    Privacy is not taken for granted by OkCupid. Members are presented a wide range of privacy controls from which they can decide on making their profile visible to other members who are signed in Furthermore, members can hide or block other users they don't want to see. It gets even better. You can browse incognito if you don't want to show up on other members' visitors list when you are viewing their profile. However, selecting the anonymous option will mean that you will not be capable of seeing new visitors to your profile, and your visitors list will be removed.

    Ease of Access

    Keeping up with the latest trends in the market is something any business should do in order to become a good business. Okcupid.com understands this pretty well that is why okcupid mobile apps are available for iPhones and android devices.

    Okcupid.com introduced a new project called "Events" which is a discreet way to meet new friends and do fun stuff'. A very clever Idea, these events takes online dating into the physical world.

    How to Get Started and the Cost

    Getting started with okcupid.com is very simple and above all, absolutely free. However, paying for the site has its welcome additions. Referred to as the A-list, paid users enjoy some bonuses that other unpaid users don't get to enjoy. Ad-free experiences, advanced search features, larger message storage of up 10 5000 messages and the capability to change usernames without creating a new account are some of the pluses between A-list users and unpaid users. The A-list users are divided into A-list Basic and A-list Premium.

    A-list Basic

    The features of an A-list Basic package include:

    • Advanced match search options — Searches are filtered by body type, attractiveness, personality and even by how they have answered their questions.

    • Incognito Mode

    • A full list of people who like you

    • Message Filters

    • Message Read Receipts- To let you know if your message was seen.

    • All ads removed

    • Permanent message storage of up 10 5000 messages

    • Ability to change username with the same account

    • Ability to see all your visitors.

    A-list Premium

    The features include:

    • Automatic Daily Boost to increase your popularity

    • Increased attractiveness- enables you to see and be seen by more attractive matches

    • Ability to see how every one answered to questions before you answer.

    • Message priority- Your messages get to appear on top of your match’s inbox

    • PLUS all the features of A-list Basic!


    Staying true to their slogan 'making the ineffable eff-able', okcupid.com is the perfect place to find a hookup or a lifelong partner. Life can be full of frustrations so let okcupid.com help you find someone who will make you forget all about your frustrations.

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