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    Match App is available for both ios and android. You can easily get your “Daily Matches” , check “messages”, “connections” ,“viewed me” and do a search via its app which is really convenient. These basic and essential features are available on app while more and advanced features can only be accessed on their websites. As we mentioned on our homepage tips that most sites charge lower to upgrade on their PC version than on their apps. It is smart for you to register and upgrade on their websites then download their app for later daily use. Now let’s compare the membership fee for both the PC version and app version of Match.

    Compare Memberhip Prices on Match App and Match.com

    Match App Match.com Website Boundle Match.com Website Basic
    1 Month $42.99/m $42.99/m $42.99/m
    3 Months $24.99/m $22.99/m $19.99/m
    6 Months $21.99/m $19.99/m $16.99/m

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    Match.com is one of the most popular online dating sites, with its largest amount of active users coming from the US, UK, Aus and Ca. What really makes this dating website as well as its app so popular? Let's find out.

    Free for Anyone to Create and Browse Profiles

    Match allows users to easily create free profiles, as well as browse other people's profiles without any charges. Some dating websites will require subscription before you're allowed to browse other members, but it's not like that with Match, though access to additional features of the site would require a subscription.

    Searching and matching options

    Match offers various ways by which members can use in finding other singles of choice. As a member of match, you can make use of the site's search options to search for singles according to location, age, hair colour, etc. The matching options provided by Match enable members to have their profiles matched with other potential mates by the staff at match.com. Another good feature of searching options are also MatchWords, which allows members to key in desired keywords which specifies the type of mate they are searching for such as intelligent, good sense of humor, sports lover, etc. Other search features are:

    Using Reverse matching to search for singles who looking for someone with your qualities.

    Using Mutual searching to find singles who have similar answer to yours in the "About My Match" section.

    Using Date Spark to propose a date and see who replies or reply to someone else's date proposal. This one is fun!

    Viewing and communication features

    Match.com has good viewing and communication features and they include; mail messages, profiles, photos, and email read notifications. Members are notified once someone reads the message they sent to them. In addition, each member is allowed to send one VIP email every week.

    Mobile support

    Match.com has a mobile support called MatchMobile. This means you can take dating experience with you wherever you go. This mobile support is very convenient, as you can do almost everything you do on the main website with it. You can update your profile, search for potential matches, send messages and emails all with your mobile device. More still, the mobile support enables you to receive text or email alerts whenever you receive a 'wink' or a new message from other members. In addition, there are other Match.com dating application that is available for different mobile devices ranging from Android, iPhone, to Windows phones.

    Many good people to choose from

    One of the many reasons for the popularity of match.com is the number of its active users. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that Match has the most active profiles more than any other dating website. It's true some profiles are inactive, but this shouldn't be an issue as there are thousands of matches to choose from with match.com.

    Ease of Access

    Though Match.com has many features, it's still very easy for members to navigate around the site. Almost all the pages on the dating website is self-explanatory. However, the site still has a good help page if members need additional help understanding how the site works.

    Match.com Support

    Match offers members customer support both by email and by phone, quite unlike other dating websites.


    Match.com dating website has everything for everyone, whether you're looking for a deep romance or just casual dates, Match have it covered and for a reasonable price. Moreover, with its great features, ease of use, and exciting success stories, it's easy to see why it's one of the most popular dating website on the internet right now.

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