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    Their app is available for both ios and android versions. The app is convenient to use for checking emails, visitors and some possible matches. But we do noticed that their app features are limited comparing with their desktop version. Also, the premium membership on app is only valid for app users. That’s to say you can not access any features on their website even if you have paid a fee. But things are different if you upgrade membership through their website. Premium Membership on their website is valid for both mobile app and website. With this, you can access any features that are available on app as well as desktop site.

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    Are you in search for someone who is as like-minded as you are? Well, EliteSingles.com is what you need! The website is currently one of the biggest in the UK and the online portal markets itself as a website that helps match elite singles. Those around their 30s can find incredibly inspiring and educated people on this site Lets get deep into the features, advantages, pros and membership plans of EliteSingles.com. Our elitesingles.com review cannot begin without talking about some beneficial features and additional services you can find here.


    Since the website is quite strict when it comes to finding matches, they have a long application process which is extremely detailed. The website is suitable for elite singles only. Other features of this site include educated and sophisticated people only. The site claims to have 80% profiles of individuals who are graduates! If you are someone looking for an educated man or woman, this online dating portal is made for you.

    The elitesingles.com review system works on an algorithm pattern which is run by their system to find the most compatible match according to your profile. Your educational background, hobbies and activities are matched to the T.

    How does it work?

    When you first visit the site, you can just fill in basic details on the homepage like your gender, what you are looking for, email address and password. This will directly take you to the registration page where you will be answering a ton of questions which can be painstakingly long. Once you have finished all the questions, you will be scored and you will be given a personality report. All the questions you answer will be shown in your profile when someone is viewing you.

    Another great thing about elitesingles.com is that if anyone is trying to make a fake website, their reviewing process rejects it. This clearly shows that the site only has real and verified profiles. Many online dating sites have fake people who are just there to make fun of others but with elitesingles.com, you have the security of knowing that every person you view on the site is real.

    Membership Plan

    The website is designed for elite singles but it does have offer free membership. Although you can use limited services, a free registration is always good. You can send a message to someone you matched up with and put up few pictures in your profile too.

    The other unlimited activities like getting several matches, uploading countless pictures, communication and online chat can be done through purchasing monthly subscription. You have to pay a sum of £40 per month to get various services. With the facilities provided, the price point is not a big issue. If you happen to find your perfect elite match in a month, the plan is worth the price.

    Even through the free plan, you can view many profiles and read a ton of information about each individual. This is yet another advantage provided by elitesingles.com.

    Why is it so popular?

    The reason Elitesingles.com is one of the most desirable online dating sites is due to several reasons. The first one is the exclusive format of match making. You will find educated, real and well-earning people on this portal. You will not end up meeting or talking to someone who is creepy or fake.

    All the profiles are packed with details of the certain individual which helps you know how the person is. Many of us want to know every detail about who we might be dating in the near future. From jobs, to current work profile, to education and much more, elitesingles.com's questionnaire truly pays off when you are looking for your match.

    Other than this, you can access elitesingles.com in over 15 countries. The website is further planning to expand as the popularity increases. Whether you are in Chile, South Africa, Bisexual, Asian, Gay, etc. you can access elitesingles.com! Need we say more?

    Additional services

    Apart from an easy to use website on the laptop or computers, you can download elitesingles.com on your iPhone or Android phones too. If you are in a country where they provide access, you can find a mate to travel with and connect with.

    The mobile application is as simple to use as the website and it is quite user friendly too. Besides giving you facilities in your hand, they also have an exclusive section called Relationship Advice. This bloc is written by expert advisers and you can find some great help here if you are new to the dating world. Elitesingles.com also has many portions to their site.

    If you go to the bottom and check the list, you reach an exclusive page designed to find you exactly what you want. You can pick from professional dating, Jewish dating, Latin dating, Lesbian dating, etc. You can just click on these options and this will take you to another elitesingles.com part which will help you find your perfect match. We cannot get enough of the endless features and services elitesingles.com offers!

    Last word

    Elitesingles.com is made for no nonsensical, educated and elite individuals who are in search for their soul mate. If you are someone that fits all these criteria, you should register on this exclusive online dating portal. You could end up finding the perfect person you have been looking!

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