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    You can download either their ios or android app in each app store. But before that, you may want to take a brief look of the different prices for the same membership plan on their app as well as their site. Then you can make the wise decision by registering and upgrading through their website and then get their app for later use.

    Compare Memberhip Prices on eHarmony App and eHarmony.com

    eHarmony App
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    eHarmony App
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    Special 12 Months: $17.99/m Special 12 Months: $17.99/m Special 12 Months: $10.95/m Special 12 Months: $10.95/m
    12 Months: $29.99/m 12 Months: $19.99/m 12 Months: $9.95/m 12 Months: $12.95/m
    6 Months: $33.99/m 6 Months: $29.99/m 1 Month: $59.95 3 Months: $31.95/m

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    What makes EHarmony.com an outstanding dating website!

    There are dating websites which match singles looking to play the field. And then there is eHarmony.com which focuses on bringing singles together for long term relationships. A far cry from applications which decide compatibility based on a swipe to the left or right, eHarmony.com undertakes the bulk of the work when it comes to matching you with your prospective life partner.

    What you need to know about the site

    Founded by Dr. Neil Clarke Warren in 2000, eHarmony.com has positioned itself as a website which stringently attempts to match individuals according to a multitude of variables. Dr. Warren served as a psychologist and counselled wedded pairs for 35 years and based on his research he developed 29 variables which he termed the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility. Formed with his wide breadth of experience, he prepared the filtering and matching formula of EHarmony.com.

    Features of the website

    Today, the website claims to have matched over 600,000 singles in matrimony. EHarmony.com looks to match singles that are 18 years old, or older. Presently, it only matches heterosexual singles. It lays claim to being responsible for marriages of 438 people every day in the United States of America. Another way to look at this statistic can be that only those who are already committed to getting married in the near future end up paying the high fees for eHarmony.com, hence the number of marriages climbs high. a.) You are required to answer a Relationship Questionnaire, based on which a personality profile will be generated for you for free. There are over 400 questions to be answered here. This process can take over 10 hours to complete. It is a thorough procedure which probes into your tastes and preferences to find the ideal mate. b.) After this, you will be presented a set of matches based on the answers you provided. c.) The free service will take you to this point, in order to communicate with the prospective matches; you will have to pick a paid plan. Even if you aren't looking for a paid service, availing of the personality diagnosis tool can be a revealing and rewarding process.

    Extra features and membership plans

    EHarmony.com also presents a dating advice column. While the payment plans may seem exorbitant, it does serve as an effective gatekeeper by only letting in those who are serious about seeking a long-term partnership. Membership for a single month will cost you $59.95 USD. There is an option to avail of lower prices by opting for long-term plans. A two-year plan will set you back by #10.95 USD every month. You can also sign up and bide your time until you receive a discount coupon from eHarmony.com.

    For some, the process by which EHarmony.com matches singles can appear to be cumbersome. In this age of instant gratification, people are looking for a quicker process. With the collective attention span reducing every passing day, having a thorough process is not always enough. One needs to make the process concise as well.

    Beneficial advantages

    On one hand singles are looking for a quick browsing session where they approve or reject prospective matches. On the other hand they are also actively seeking a meaningful match and would rather avoid the cold-calling grind of a binary process. This is where the inherent principle of eHarmony.com comes to the forefront. They aren't interested in presenting a fun-filled window browsing experience. They would rather present a long winding road which leads to a delayed gratification. There is something to be said for a process which goes beyond mutual likes for pictures. A happy marriage is rarely predicated on how presentable singles find each other. You need to dig in deep to find the intangibles which form the building blocks of meaningful relationships. This digging is what eHarmony.com professes to do for you. If people were to attempt to pin down characteristics which may indicate a long-term match, it may take them quite some time to filter and decipher prospective partners.

    How it works

    The 29 Dimensions of Compatibility attempts to fast-track the process and match you with other like-minded individuals with whom a beautiful relationship may blossom. EHarmony.com claims have connected 4% of newlyweds in the United States of America. In a move which may be seen as questionable at best and a tad bit racist at worst, eHarmony.com allows you to seek out singles by race.

    In a way, it is just giving people what they want. The option of dating based on race would not exist if people did not actively seek it out. This does serve to narrow the field and deprive people of surprisingly pleasant matches across races. But that kind of relationships generally blossom by meetings in person, whether by chance or through mutual friends.

    Given an option to pick and choose, people do harbour preferences based on race.

    EHarmony.com makes an effort to match singles based on geographical location as well. One caveat is that you may find yourself matched with a non-paying member, in which case communication is not a possibility unless the other person chooses to pay for the service as well.

    In addition to matching singles, eHarmony.com has eH Advice section which offers dating advice for free. Hosting a panel of advisors who are well versed in relationships, eH Advice section makes an effort to smoothen your path towards finding your soul-mate.

    EHarmony.com expansion for good

    EHarmony.com had to settle a lawsuit alleging discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, as it solely provided an option for matching heterosexual singles. In order to avoid litigation, they settled and formed another website named Compatible Partners to match singles that are looking for same-sex marriage. In addition to the website, the eHarmony.com android app has 24,981 downloads thus far and it carries a rating of 3.1 based on 24,981 votes. The website is constantly looking to adapt and modify its parameters to provide a better experience

    Bottom line

    In conclusion, eHarmony.com is not a website where you casually browse for singles to date and explore a long-term relationship. The users are usually on the website to find a partner for life, and are ready to take the plunge. The entry barrier of the website filters out the casual users, but it serves its purpose of being a place where singles can find other dedicated singles for marriage.

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