Using Comedy For A Successful Dating Experience


Watching a TV sitcom makes dating look like a blast. A comical experience often spoken about to a group of supportive friends who tell you to go for another date, or to tell your date to take a hike. Listening to music paints the picture of heartache. It's not always the reality though. There are many phases in between that often go without recognition. Love is comedy, heartbreak and magic all rolled into one. It is all a matter of perspective at the end of the day.

The success of your date will depend entirely on you. Okay, not entirely. If you're on a date with someone who lacks any social skills, you can safely say that you can't hold the weight of the date. Unless you want to, of course. You are always welcome to take the brunt of the date on your shoulders. But, it should be equal - from choosing what to do, to the decision of who is paying. A good dating experience is a back and fourth. You get this date, they get the next. Neither of you cuts corners and each of you is interested in seeing each other again. That's success.

But success doesn't come without the rest!

The most important thing you need to have for dating success is a good sense of humor. The reason so many sitcoms base around comedic romances is because it's common. How many awkward first dates have you been on? Think about it. Then, think about what would have made those dates less awkward. A good sense of humor can take a miserable date and spin it into one of the most memorable. In a good way. It can reduce the amount of nerves you, or your date, feel about meeting for the first time. It can reduce the anxiety about what to say next, completely breaking the ice and paving the way for endless conversation. At the end of the date, having a sense of humor can get you the next date, the kiss, or whatever else you're looking for.

But, with great power comes great responsibility.

Having a great sense of humor doesn't mean you know when and where to use to. You have to wield it like a sword. Own it, like a ninja. You have to know when it's going to be effective. You have to know when it's only going to make the situation worse. Not every uncomfortable silence can be fixed with humor. Not every awkward comment can be undone with laughter. There are going to be some situations that require more precision to get through. If you make your moves correctly, those will be the situations you can look back on later and laugh about.

Of course, a sense of humor isn't all you need to guarantee a successful date. It helps if you have the ability to read people. Intuition is always a good tool to use on a date. It can help you to determine when to push and when to pull back.

The success of your date simply depends on your ability to go with the flow and adapt.