Raya Dating App - How It Feels Like to Date a Celebrity

raya dating app

When it comes to dating apps, you will never fall short of options. Tinder, Happn, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel, are just some of the few dating apps you have probably, heard of. These options are too many and have limited possibilities of getting the kind of person you want.

About Raya Dating App

Raya dating app is a private members only application where you will find the rich and famous people. Raya subscriptions are made of many celebrities ranging from actor’s musicians and even models. Raya dating App describes itself as “an exclusive platform for people in creative industries.” This means not everyone can join Raya. You have to get an approval once you make the application to join.

The approval/vetting process is done by an anonymous global committee. You have higher chances of getting accepted if you were referred by someone who is already on the app. Raya dating app members have a common interest, and they use the application to connect with each other. Raya dating app has a monthly subscription fee, and you have to pay to use it.

How is it like to date a celebrity?

Given its exclusive nature and the possibility of hooking up with celebrities, people are curious about How is it like to date a celebrity. It all begins with being on the Raya dating app. There are many misconceptions about dating celebrities. Many would think that it comes with a good life and you are always satisfied. The truth is every relationship will have its own challenges. Ask anyone who has dated a celebrity, and they will tell you that they argued a lot if not all the time. As Chloe Mackey, an NYC writer and model put it, “no one will ever find love on Raya. It is all about getting an ego boost.”

Getting Raya membership, gives you access to a filtered social media presence and a good indication that you can be dated. You will expect to find people who have very much respected jobs. For men, every single lady you will find on Raya is legitimately hot. This general attractiveness of the Raya member’s pool might provoke self-consciousness and a feeling of one’s net worth. Everyone wants to be seen around rich people’s social circles. Raya dating app is a great opportunity to mingle with the high and might social class in the society. You will get a chance to see people who you would not even approach in public. You also get to match with people regarded as adorable, and you start massaging them as they reply. What a feeling!

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However, Raya membership will most certainly give you over exposure. Everyone including the TV stations is watching what that celebrity is up to this weekend and in the process, you get into the limelight. For those who have an issue with this then Raya is the wrong dating app. As soon as people spot you with celebrity photos will be taken and they will be shared across the internet.