App Pros and Cons app

When you think of dating websites you probably think of rather quickly. This is likely due to the fact that the company does a lot of advertising, keeping their brand fresh and interesting. What you may not know is, has a cell phone app (for Android and iPhone). Singles interested in using the app please note that there are some good points about it but there are some downfalls also.

First the good points about the app. You can sign up rather quickly and easily – there are no real hiccups to the joining process. The app is mature and runs well and integrates with the service easily allowing both new and current members to use the service.

Cell phone apps are often just a copy of the site in mobile format. The app is not designed like this as it brings its own style to the singles meeting singles situation. One such benefit of using the cell phone app for is that it shows who is on-line. This can help meeting the right single as you will have a good idea of their schedule based on when they are on the app. Few things ruin a potential date, and more in the future, than differences in availability. Third shift people don’t often mix well with first shift type singles. Also, knowing if someone is on-line or not can help gauge if you have been given the cold shoulder by another member.

Since advertises a lot they have amassed quite a large member base. This makes it easier for potential singles to find their perfect date. Considering the large user base, also offers quite a variety of people to talk with and get to know at your convenience.

There are a few glaring faults with the app, and the service in general. Since has such a large member base they also have a lot of power in the singles dating world. This means that can charge an exorbitant amount of money to use their service. After all, who wants to be single? charges about $40 per month to use their service. There are price breaks if you do longer commitments. A three-month commitment can get your membership down to about $26 per month while a six-month agreement will run you about $22 per month.

Also, since there are a lot of people signing up for every day, there is also a delay in profile pictures being approved. This wait period can be annoying to new members that are interested in just jumping in and getting to meet other singles. Thanks to the popularity of social media such as Facebook, it has become almost second nature to not talk to, accept friend requests, or interact in any way with people that do not have a profile picture. This is surely going to hold back many users from getting the most out of the app, at least when first joining up.

Considering the price for monthly memberships that have in place it is kind of disheartening that they take steps like they do. Such as taking more than a reasonable amount of time to approve profile pictures. These problems are obviously not enough to hold back too many of the members on the service though which may sway more future members.