4 Tips When Using Online Dating Apps

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Online dating apps are not only simple to set up, they are also convenient and time-saving. For you to get the most from them you need to consider a number of tips:

Use the right dating app

There are dating apps in the market that you can choose from. There is Tinder, The League, OkCupid, eHarmony, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn and many others. Almost every dating site has its own dating app and all you need to do is download it into your phone and start meeting people.

All apps have their pros and cons. The app that you choose should depend on your needs. For example, if you are looking for a casual relationship, you should go with Tinder. If you don’t want to put in the hard work and go through hundreds of dating profiles, you should use Coffee Meets Bagel.

Due to the vast number of dating apps that are out there, you should take your time and research the right ones for your needs.

Choose the right photos

People like or dislike you based on your profile photo. To get the most likes thus increase your chances of meeting your dream partner, you should upload beautiful photos. The cool thing is that unlike before when the only way of getting a high-quality photo was by hiring a professional photographer, nowadays you can use your phone and take good quality photos.

According to experts, you should focus mainly on showing your personality. If you like dogs, you should take a few photos with your dogs. The same thing applies when you like partying on a weekend. In addition to the photos sparking interest, they also serve as great conversation starters.

If you love going out and have plenty of friends, you should avoid having more than one photo of you and your friends. When you have plenty of group photos, it shows the potential matches that you aren’t confident in yourself and you rely on other people for approval. Having plenty of group photos often works against you and you have a hard time getting matches.

Dating experts recommend that you have more of solo photos. The first photo on the apps carries a lot of weight; therefore, you should ensure that it’s just of yourself. It also should be your best.

Don’t be scared of breaking the ice as a woman

The tradition has been that women sit back and wait for men to start the conversation. You shouldn’t be limited by this tradition when you are using dating apps. The person that you are waiting to start the conversation may be intimated by your looks. To avoid losing the chance of meeting your dream partner, you should go ahead and contact any person that you feel shares your interests.

Don’t hang up on rejection

Even if you have Brad Pitt looks there is no way that you will be swiped right 100% of the time. The same thing applies when you send out a message—you won’t get a reply all the time. Most people get discouraged and give up on online dating when they send a number of messages and don’t get a reply.

There are many reasons why you might not have got a reply. Maybe the other person has been too busy or hasn’t opened the app. The other person may also not like you. Even if he/she doesn’t like you, you don’t know each other; therefore, you shouldn’t care about it. Keep on sending messages and in no time you will meet your prince…or princess.