Why You Don’t Know About Tinder Select

tinder select

Everyone knows about Tinder, the famous app for the quick meetup between adults. The real question is, do you know about Tinder Select? Probably not considering they have kept this under the radar for over six months now. According to Techcrunch report, only the most attractive, most active, ideal adults are even thought of receiving an invitation. We are here to tell you what you are missing out on and how to possibly change that for yourself. Just be warned, it is not going to be easy to step up your singles game to that of Tinder Select. Is it worth it? Oh yeah.

First, Tinder Select is invitation only

If you are not invited by either Tinder or a member that has been accepted, then you are not getting in. Plain and simple. To solve this problem, you will need to up your singles game. Tinder Select is for the 1% of singles using the service, the popular people, the company owners, the affluent, the extremely good looking among other traits. If you don’t meet any of these qualifications, then your chances of being invited by Tinder themselves are slim to none. As the old saying goes, slim just left town. There are other ways to get into the promised land of dating though.

What is unique about Tinder Select

It is already built into the Tinder dating app. Your account must be upgraded to access it. That means you need an invitation from someone that has already made it passed the locked door. Members that have been allowed through are apparently ranking well with the Tinder Elo score – an algorithm rating that considers thousands of details per user and gives them a rating. Obviously, we are not sure as to how this is done as it is proprietary and Tinder is not exactly open about it either.

Another option to get your account offered the golden upgrade is to “do well on Tinder.” This means being highly desired by other members – that requires you improving your profile and your profile picture. Get your hair styled, shave and trim facial hair, and generally take a better picture. Maybe even hire a professional stylist, photographer and stager for your profile picture. To get a Tinder Select invitation you are going to need to gain in popularity on Tinder itself.

Since members that have already gotten through reportedly can invite others (via an apparent scant invitations) they are going to be tough on who they give one to. You can improve your chances by making yourself more desirably on the Tinder service. Simply improving your appearance in your profile picture can not only bring more swipes right to your profile but maybe even eventually an invitation to Tinder Select.

Why do you want to be invited to Tinder Select though

In two words – quality singles. Tinder Select is the crème de la crème of singles on the service. Models, business owners, rich people, etc are the types that Tinder has put painstaking work into bringing together. You want to be a part of that because you deserve it, you yearn for it. After all, who wants to date “just another single” when they can date a super model, movie star or rich person that can have whatever they want in life? Yeah, we thought that last part would get your attention.

Tinder Select is secretive and protected. That means more people want in and fewer are going to accomplish that feat. Will you be one the few? That depends wholly on your profile picture, appearance and how well you attract other singles on Tinder.