Tips To Make Full Use Of Online Dating Apps


Almost every dating site has a dating app that is meant to make dating easy. Using the app you are able to see the people that you have common interests, see their notifications and execute any other task that you would want. While the dating apps are meant to make your work easy, studies show that very few people are reaping from them. To help you out, here are tips on how to be successful when using the dating apps:

Include the right photos

Let us be honest. Almost all of the dating sites heavily rely on photos. Most of the apps show you the photo of your potential partner and it’s only after you have shown interest in the person that you are able to see the bio. Due to this, it’s important that you include the right photos for you to get the people’s attention.

A great rule of thumb is to include the full body and close up photos. It’s also wise that you include photos of the hobbies that you engage in. If you are into basketball or biking, you should include a few photos of you on the court or on the road. It’s also wise that you include a photo of you and your friends but you should avoid overdoing it. Including plenty of group photos gives the impression that you heavily rely on your friends and can’t make your own decisions. To be on the safe side you should include plenty of solo photos.

Do not show off excessively

I have mentioned that photos are of great importance on the dating apps and you should include them but you shouldn’t show off excessively. It’s good that you have a high-end car or you regularly fly around on a private jet but you shouldn’t show it off excessively. You can include one or two photos showing the great life that you live but you shouldn’t go overboard. This is to avoid coming across as too materialistic.

Fill your profile

Once you have captured the interest of a person, the next thing that they do is to head to your profile so that they can know more about you. You should shine here. If you read most of the online profiles you will find that they are almost the same. To spark an interest you need to be original and pen down your own profile. You should explain who you are, what you do and what you would like in a person. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be negative—no one likes negative energy.

Start the conversation

When you see a profile of a person that you would love to meet you should go ahead and start a conversation. Most women still hold to the old stereotype that they need to wait for men to start the conversation but this shouldn’t be you. Remember that the person you are waiting to start conversation may not be noticing you. The cool thing is that you don’t need to be too creative to start a conversation. Saying something as simple as, “Hi, I like your profile” is enough to set the stone rolling.

Don’t be in a hurry

Due to the millions of people using the online dating apps, it’s common for some people to think that you will find a dating partner within a few days of using the app. Far from this. It might take your weeks or even months before you meet someone interesting. When joining the online dating arena you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get a dating partner. You should be there to have fun and meet new people.