Tinder Website and Search, Or Lack Thereof

tinder search

Tinder, the singles dating app that is based on physical attractiveness, while popular does have a few problems keeping a lot of users away. Many are turned off by the lack of a few key features with the Tinder service. These are easily fixed, but will they?

While the Tinder dating app is immensely popular, their tinder dating website is severely lacking in features. Users that use the website are greeted with a single option – sign up, for free. When clicking that link to sign up, users are greeted with the basic and familiar basic dating qualifications questions. Age, sex, and other basic information are requested.

Considering the point of Tinder (mostly to find sexual partners) it is no surprise that there is no section to write anything about yourself. You are given the usual options such as sex and what type of potential meeting you are looking for (such as men, women, group, couples, etc).

After you go through that little bit of information providing you are asked for your birth day, country and zip code. These are used to help others find you – obviously you may not be interested in seeing people from another country (unless you can afford to travel there). Next is the request for an e-mail address then a username and password. Great so far. Right?

Well, not so fast. There is no option to search others. You are simply thrown in to the service head first and left to your own devices to figure out if the person you are looking at on your phone screen is who you want to meet. This is based solely on your choices when signing up (remember that “looking for” section?).

Yep, you are shown matches based on the choices you made when signing up. If you stated you were a man looking for couples, two women for instance, then you are only shown profile pictures of people that signed up as a couple (two women) that were looking for one man. Want to change up what you are seeing in your Tinder app? You have no really easy way to do that other than changing your preferences in the app.

There is no Tinder search option. You cannot simply click a search button and pick what you are looking for at that exact moment. If you signed up one way (man, looking for women) but decide you want to look at profiles a little outside of your interest you must change your profile. This will also affect your profile showing up on other Tinder users screens. Not the best way to do things from the Tinder app side of this situation.

Looking at Tinder profiles is not easy as you must adjust your own profile choices to see others. Women that are wanting to experiment a little bit will not see other women, or couples (two men) unless they go through the trouble of adjusting their profiles.

Allowing users to search Tinder users would alleviate this problem and potentially help the app reach more people. A search function should be simple to implement as the service already has tons of profiles across the many possible combinations of options given at signup. Giving users the power to drill through the results quicker would only build on the popularity of the service.

If you want to search people on Tinder now you are going to be sitting through a lot of profile pics popping up on your phone. One after the other. You will be notified of the ones that swiped “accept” on your profile, only if you swiped “accept” on theirs. While this seems simple enough, it is the crux of the service being more annoying than useful for many potential users.

For instance, what if a person swipes “accept” on your profile but you don’t see their profile for a long period then when you do, you swipe “accept” also? By allowing users to search other Tinder user profiles by “last use date” or similar, users can see only those that are most active on the service. After all, the idea of the service is to hook up with other adults for romantic meetings. No one wants to wait potentially weeks to find out if there is a match.

Tinder search needs to happen sooner than later before a better app comes along and offers a better solution.