Singles Don’t Bother with the Tinder Dating Website

tinder dating website

Ah, the age of technology has brought out the discerning sexual single and made finding similar minded person’s easier than ever before. No longer kept in the back of the seedier locations, sexual exploration is front and foremost thanks to cell phones and apps such as Tinder. If you are interested in using Tinder dating website on your computer than you are in a for a rude awakening. In other words, don’t bother. No cell phone, no Tinder for you.

Check out the Tinder website and you will find that it is not very useful for anything other than signing up for the service. This is a seriously lacking website they are offering users. It is so bad that it is the worst singles dating website available today. Why is this though? Because they want you to use the Tinder cell phone app (for Android and iPhone).

While cell phones are popular, not everyone has or wants one. By limiting their service to only cell phone users, Tinder is limiting their audience by a large margin.

Tinder online is literally only there to hold the domain name and to drive people to their Tinder app on cell phones. While that may be a great marketing gimmick for other sites (like insurance companies), it is not so great for a dating site.

If there was a Tinder dating site that was just the app expanded and offered a few more features (like a much-needed search option) it could give access to a larger market. Users of the Tinder service are usually looking for a sexual hook up of sorts (men looking for women, or couples looking for couples and everything in between). By avoiding the computer using fan base Tinder is cutting out a potentially large group of users that would find use in the service.

Computers offer a much easier option in browsing sites, especially dating sites. A larger screen allows more information to be provided at a glance and without scrolling around. Chatting with other Tinder users would be much easier if a keyboard could easily be used. Cell phones suck when you are trying to type out more than a short reply. Computers come with keyboards so, Tinder, get on this. ASAP.

Getting to know someone, or at least know what you/they are expecting from the meetup is critical. No one wants to waste time meeting someone only to find out that there was a misunderstanding due to autocorrect on someone’s cell phone. This happens a lot as most people do not turn off autocorrect for personal reasons (most people keep it on so they don’t appear unable to spell).

Users of Tinder are after one thing – the hook up. Why hold them back by only offering one option to use the service? Add in the fact that that option is cumbersome to use and can cause misunderstandings between users and it is even more clear that another option needs to be introduced. Swiping left and right and hoping for a good swipe back can be nerve wracking, especially when it is almost completely random that that person sees your profile. If there was a search function available you could at least narrow down potential interests based on criteria such as hair/eye color, sexual interest or other options (even if they were predetermined by Tinder and not left to the user).

We are not bashing the Tinder service. They focus on a specific type of user and for many is perfectly suited to their needs. We are just pointing out that Tinder is missing out by not offering a dating website option for those that do not wish to use, or do not have, a cell phone to interact with other adults. Why should the fun be limited to just those with a cell phone?

Tinder nearly completely and utterly offers nothing for PC users. There is no option to browse, chat, search (nor on the app) or generally get to know the Tinder process better. That is simply bad marketing on Tinder’s part. To call the Tinder dating website that is an insult to sites that are really dating websites. If Tinder doesn’t offer a website with the above features, along with these features in their app where applicable, someone else surely will. That could cut into the user base on Tinder and who wants to use the “second best” app for meeting other people for some adult fun?