How Dating Apps Have Changed Our Lifestyle

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Technology has taken over everything. There's no reason dating should have been an exception. It's the way our society has been progressing. Our discoveries when it comes to technology have been astounding. They have been helpful and increased modern science. But, are there set backs when it comes to interpersonal relationships? Are dating apps causing people to revert back to the stone age when it comes to communication?

There are arguments on both sides. There are studies that show interpersonal relationships are getting harder to manage, since the introduction of cellphones and applications. There are many others who suggest that these modern advances in technology are actually bringing people closer together.

When it comes to dating apps, individuals can check their websites and messages on-the-go. This means they never miss a chance to connect with someone. They can message new people while they are waiting for the bus. Or while they are on their lunch break at work. They can set up meetings for after work, too. It's never been easier to secure a date. But, there are some painfully obvious points against the idea of online dating apps as well. For example; a person waiting at a bus stop, checking their messages, might be blind to an attractive person standing beside them.

We, as a society, spend so much time looking at our phones that our eyes are blind to what is going on around us. This is the day and age we live in though. It would be hard to stay outside of the technology when everyone else is so wrapped up.

Obviously that there are pros and cons of dating apps. The good news is that you can make dating apps work for you, even if you're not tech-savvy. You don't have to like the idea of everything being electronic. But, it's not as bad as feeling left behind from the curve of society, either. The importance is to find a balance between technology and face-to-face communications.

Yes, there is such thing as balancing between the two.

As great as dating apps and online dating are, the set backs are obvious. There is no face-to-face communication, which makes every interaction feel less personal. Unfortunately, you also run the risk of people you meet online being dishonest about themselves.

That is why it's important to get the relationship off the internet as soon as possible. You don't want to message someone through an online dating app and immediately ask them to meet. You want to ease into the idea of hooking up in real life. But, you don't want to spend weeks together building a connection you don't know the reality of. This is where the balance comes into play!

As a society, we often forget to unplug ourselves. We stay connected through the social media and dating apps. We're always online. But it's important to give yourself space from the internet every once in a while. It's also important that love gets unplugged. So, when you've found that special someone, take time off the internet. Get to know each other without the influence of technology. Give yourself a break.