Bumble Dating App - What You Need to Know

bumble dating app

The Internet has changed everything that has made use of it. From money to dating, once it is on the Internet, it is never the same as it was before. This is even true of cell phones and the various app stores that have sprung up around them creating an easy way for users to get access to programs called apps. Dating apps have improved over the years, partly due to the sheer popularity of these apps has forced them to improve. The Bumble dating app is one such app that has improved on the basics that other, similar, apps presented users. Bumble Holding Limited has done their homework and made some major changes to their Bumble dating app that set it apart from the competition.

One of the most impressive changes that Bumble has made that sets it apart is quite ingenious. This change also helps weed out the fact that on most dating apps the women are often overwhelmed with cold messages from men hoping to make a connection. This is one of the main reasons that many women point to asked why they don't use dating apps to find prospective relationship matches. Unlike tinder dating, The Bumble dating app has a simple requirement placed on all accounts.

Women looking for men get the benefit of talking first. That is right, on the Bumble dating app men can sign up and look at potential romantic connections but they have to wait for that connectiong to be made by the woman. The Bumble dating brings together potential matches and the women have 24 hours to make contact with any of them. Once a message has been sent from a woman to a man, the man has 24 hours to respond.

They have also thought about same sex relationships on Bumble. In these cases either person has the ability to initiate contact. The 24 hour rule still applies early on in same sex conversations too. They have also thought about same sex relationships on the Bumble dating app. In these cases either person has the ability to initiate contact. The 24 hour rule still applies early on in same sex conversations too.

Users of the Bumble dating app are able to act accordingly. Women can make the first connecting with prospective romances and same sex couples can initiate contact without concern of missing out on a potential connection. This is great for people that are tired of joining an interesting dating service, filling out their profile and uploading a cute or cool photo only to be inundated with dating spam messages.

This simple change by the Bumble app is stupid simple but oh so needed to force a change in the way things are done in dating apps. This design choice keeps men from being able to annoy or generally harass women on the service. This also puts the power of initiating the conversation in the hands of the women on the service. No longer are women stuck with sifting through tons of cold, unwarranted, messages from men asking vulgar questions, insinuating unrelated propositions or generally being jerks.

The Bumble dating site is not just for romance. People just looking for like-minded friends to enjoy life are able to meet using the app too. While many other apps have this as an unsuspected side effect (if a bad connection can survive to remain friendly that is). Bumble dating app has this friend feature front and center and built in. These friendships are handled the same way as romantic endeavors are handled in the Bumble dating app - women make the first move in heterosexual matches and either person can make the first move in same sex relationship matches. This is a unique feature and one that gives more people a reason to have the app installed.

Please use discretion when using Bumble, especially if you are in a relationship but wish to use the app to find new friends that are into the same things as you. This action could cause unwanted troubles in your current relationship if your intentions are not made clear with your significant other prior to downloading and installing the Bumble dating app.

With the Bumble dating app women can return to the dating world without concern of being forced out by pushy men. Friends can meet, discuss, and enjoy activities that they have in common without the pressure of being on a date.