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Being in the online dating industry for more than a decade, we know what single daters want the most. We are experts in this area who always provide practical tips, advice and methods which can make your online dating experience more easier, happier and safer. Ever since online dating got bloomed, the dating trend is always changing according to the rapid growth of modern technology. The online dating sites have to keep improving their site design, features and many more aspects to satisfy the needs of increasing needs.

With the number of smart phone users increasing enormously in recent couple of years, there comes the new dating trend and need - dating with apps on the mobile devices. It became a hot way of dating among younger singles who always like to try out new things. Now it is widespread among users in all age groups even in senior dating. There are reasons dating apps grab everyone's interest in such a short time. First, there is the inevitability since everyone has a mobile phone and relies on it a lot in their daily life. Second, it is much more convenient and easy to communicate with other members online. There is no time and area restrict when you using an app, you can exchange messages and do a search anytime and anywhere. Imaging that you are chatting with some other members online with your dating app while you are enjoying a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. It would feel great.

Due to the above reasons, dating app is a necessary supplement to online dating sites. And for the same reasons, all kinds of dating apps are showing like over one night in both android and ios stores. If you search for a dating app directly in the app store, you may probably get a long list of different apps that makes you at a loss. This is where we come to help. We picked out the best dating sites with the best dating apps with detailed reviews for you to check. It is much more easy to decide on the final suitable one from our top 5 list than choosing from the endless search results.

We will contentedly check and update the new great dating apps according to this changing market. But for the most up to date information and prices, please subject to the actual site and apps. They may make a change anytime. Also, we would like to hear from you if you have any recommendation or great experience with a certain dating app. Share it with us! You are welcomed to send your stories or advice to datingcounselorsue at gmail dot com.